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"Your Complete Landscape Irrigation Specialist"
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With over 20 years experience in the landscape sprinkler industry, Turf Master Inc. offers you an efficient, water saving, cost-effective perspective for any of your landscape watering needs. We can save property owners time, money, and INCREASE THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY! Ask us about our low maintenance, water saving new systems, or to simply improve your existing system.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

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Full, or partial installations, and revisions to existing systems to eliminate any dry spots, or areas that waste water. We properly repair sprinkler systems, and can make needed seasonal adjustments on controllers to avoid wasting valuable water. Hunter and Rainbird used for the best, long term, reliable results.

Filter Applications

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Installed primarily on sprinkler, drip, or pump systems that can have a potential debris problem. The proper mesh is determined for the best operation. Manual, or automatic valve flush systems available.

Sprinkler Pump Systems

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New installations, or replacement of worn out pumps. Trouble shooting, pump evaluations, and improvements. Proper pump sizing calculated.

Sprinkler Winterization

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We pressurize the sprinkler system at a low pressure to avoid any damage to the system. Filters, standpipes, backflows, pumps, drip systems are winterized properly as well.

Drip Systems

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Low water volume for new installations, revising or repairing existing drip systems. For use in flower/shrub beds, application. Hunter and Rainbird quality grade components are used for the best long term, reliable results.

Backflow Assemblies

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New installations, revisions, and repair to existing backflow assemblies. Certified annual backflow testing. We evaluate the backflow for proper the operation.

Spring Sprinkler Activations

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During the sprinkler start up process, we check the system for water wasting leaks, make the necessary sprinkler adjustments, clean the filters, clean the sprinkler nozzles and screens. Set the sprinkler controller properly.


You have always taken such good care of our sprinkler needs, and I do trust you completely
Bob & Yea Kido, Ontario
I am very satisfied with your professional and prompt service before, during, and after Turf Master installed two new sprinkler systems for us
Gary Bybee, Nyssa
I have had my Turf Master sprinkler system for 14 years, it still works great, and I love it!
Nina Maestas, Weiser
Robert Baumgardner is the licensed Contractor, and the Job Site Supervisor. Turf Master, Inc. is licensed in Oregon, (LCB #7052), Idaho, (RCE-17022), insured, and bonded. References are available, and we comply with the local building codes.Turf Master, Inc is located in Ontario, Oregon, it serves Ontario, Nysaa, Adrian, Vale, Huntington, Fruitland, Payette, Weiser, New Plymouth, and Parma areas. P.O. Box 1270 Ontario, Oregon 97914. Phone# 208-739-1988